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Brazilian heart: the new generation of the MAN D26 engine, produced in Brazil, debuts in the largest truck in VW Caminhões e Ônibus history

September 01 2020
  • Brazil is the first country outside Europe to produce the engine;
  • Sustainability and savings: nationalization project in Brazil ensures the high availability of components for maintenance and repair;
  • Main propellant materials meet Volkswagen Group's new recyclability guidelines, as well as a significant reduction in greenhouse gas levels;
  • Available in 460 hp and 520 hp versions, it combines technology that guarantees more performance, durability, robustness and better use of fuel;
  • The vehicle was developed to offer operational gains to the customer, with fuel savings.

The new heavy-duty Volkswagen celebrates a true milestone: they are equipped with the new generation of the MAN D26 13-liter engine, which is now produced in Brazil, in the first assembly line outside of Europe, with the greatest power in its history. The propeller uses the best European technology, adapted to the needs of the Brazilian market, and equips the most powerful trucks in the portfolio of all time that bears the VW logo, entering the range of 460 and 520 horsepower, with 2,300 and 2,500 Nm of torque, respectively.

Thanks to the nationalization conducted by the VW Caminhões e Ônibus Engineering team, the heart of the new heavy-duty VW is Brazilian. The expertise in local production of the MAN D08 four and six-cylinder engines, since 2012, has enabled the team to take on the challenge of nationalizing in Brazil the engine of the largest VW truck of all time.

Although it is a well-known engine, with more than 600 thousand units produced in the last 15 years and in full operation worldwide, the new generation of the now Brazilian MAN D26 makes a leap in efficiency. During its nationalization process, more than 130 components were modified or located, including the most important parts of the engine, such as the block and the head, among others. These changes were made so that it achieved the combination of power, torque, reduced fuel consumption and durability. The components were located and the processes were adapted to optimize costs and the performance expected by customers.

The new injection system, together with new pistons and the new turbocharger with electronic control, considerably improve combustion efficiency, allowing an increase in power density, with high performance, durability and reduced fuel consumption.

Powertrain configured for savings - The entire powertrain of VW's new family of heavy-duty vehicles was designed to offer operational gains to the customer. In addition to the Brazilian MAN D26 engine, a number of factors support this advantage, such as the new automated Traxon transmission, which adds up to more efficient components and intelligent systems for maximum efficiency in the operation.

The new heavy-duty vehicles debut the Traxon automated transmission in the VW portfolio, calibrated to market demands, available in 12 and 16 speed versions for all vehicle model configurations, manufactured by ZF.

The result is better fuel consumption and superior performance for driving conditions in the country. This gearbox processes information at high speed. In combination with the embedded technology system, it provides more intelligent gear changes for the most diverse topographic and cargo conditions, optimizing consumption, safety and comfort.

The new high efficiency tractive axles have a wide range of transmission ratios, which are adapted to the most varied operating conditions, ensuring high performance and durability, with low fuel consumption.

The vehicle also includes an embedded intelligence that uses geo-referencing to add efficiency, availability, security and robustness to the application. The system with sensors and electronic functions allows for an adequate and automatic management of engine power, gear changes, use of the brake and use of the vehicle's inertia according to the topography and the transported load.

Thanks to this work it was possible to combine superior performance with a notable improvement in fuel consumption. The new generation of MAN D26 engine, the new automated Traxon transmission, the electronic management system and the aerodynamic improvements promote a significant reduction in fuel consumption.

Evolution in all components - The secret of the powertrain of the new VW tractors is not restricted, however, to the MAN D26 engine and Traxon transmission and their advanced programming. There are evolutions in all components, which were developed with a focus on durability, cost of operation, ease of maintenance and modularity, to allow a greater number of variants to meet customer needs. This work guarantees the best adaptability of the product to the market and the high availability required for the application.

All models of the new family have two tanks, with capacities ranging from 630 liters (two of 315l, in plastic) to 940 liters (two of 470l, in aluminum), according to the chosen wheelbase. With the exception of off-road, all are aluminum. The heavy-duty VW also has a tank for 100 liters of Arla 32, promoting balanced autonomy for the applications. The entire fuel and injection system was developed to work with biodiesel.