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New Meteor family: proudly Brazilian with worldwide Volkswagen design

September 01 2020
  • Truck robustness, with comfort for first class travel;
  • Driver finds in the new heavy-duties a series of styling details of Volkswagen Group cars.

Whether for agribusiness, mining or crossing the country, the new Meteor family comes to the market proudly made for Brazilian drivers, bringing what's most innovative in terms of design and tailored to meeting the needs of the fields and roads throughout Brazil.

To keep up with the segment that draws on the riches of Brazil, the VW Meteor line was designed to provide drivers with a true first-class trip, according to the current design requirements of Volkswagen Group: meeting customer needs with detailed solutions for perfect functionality and visual quality.

For customers, trucks are a professional work tool and, therefore, must communicate strength, robustness and high quality. To emphasize these attributes, the exterior of the VW Meteor line is structured on a sturdy base, finished like the front grille, with strong VW design characteristics and a proudly displayed brand image.

In addition to the clean design, with functional elements such as integrated air deflectors, the driver finds in the new heavy-duty vehicles a series of style details of the Volkswagen Group's cars, valuing space and comfort through the new colors and materials applied, as in the case banks, putting Meteor on the same level of standard and quality as vehicles currently in line.

Another inspiration for the development of the design was the focus on the premium visual quality of the product, which emphasizes the typical logic of the VW truck family. The design team's job was to show the commitment to the visual identity of the online models, as is the case with the successful Delivery family. Launched three years ago and designed by the same design team, it is instantly recognized on the streets and roads by its strong identity.

The Meteor cabin provides an ergonomic environment for the daily activities of customers, such as a panel with a friendly interface integrated with a multifunctional steering wheel and comfortable seats and beds, defined with materials and configurations that provide a pleasant feeling and excellent comfort.