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Welcome aboard: inside the new VW Meteor heavy-duty family

September 01 2020
  • High technology in materials, sustainability, ergonomics and comfort are highlights

The most powerful heavy-duty of the VW Caminhões e Ônibus portfolio brings a fully tested cabin to face any road, using the most innovative materials, in line with the global evolution in the segment of raw materials that bring more lightness and sustainability to the automotive industry, bringing together high-strength and thinner steels, in addition to engineering plastics.

On the outside, the grid was designed with a material that combines high strength, lightness, technology and allows pieces that refine the design lines. Robustness, striking lines and aerodynamics are characteristics in this project. The bumper is tripartite, with materials resistant to weather and ultraviolet radiation and the result is a light set, compared to a solid bumper, showing an elegant and improved design. In addition, the central part of the bumper has a premium look with horizontal chrome bars, with aerodynamic shape and directing of the air flow to the radiator, increasing the efficiency of the cooling system, which translates into reduced fuel consumption.

Inside, more innovation: the entire roof is designed with composite material made in Brazil, providing a weight reduction of around 25% compared to its metallic counterpart. The combination of materials, in addition to bringing lightness, reduces components, contributes to acoustic and thermal comfort. The fabric with coupling, applied directly and developed in Brazil especially for the model, refers to a soft touch and superior finish.

To enter the cabin of the new VW Meteor, the driver has doors that open 90° and steps properly positioned, allowing obstacle-free, easy and safe access, with handles on both ends of the doors.

Everything is at hand - Inside the cabin the driver has ergonomics custom developed. The steering wheel has height and depth adjustments, is multifunctional, with control keys positioned to be accessed quickly and directly, without the need to remove your hands from the steering wheel.

On the instrument panel, the modular concept stands out, which allows organizing devices such as radio, multimedia, tachograph and equipment specific to each operation. Up to 50 keys can also be provisioned on the panel, depending on the model configuration, so that the driver can control the most diverse systems quickly and easily. Even the automated gear shift operation is done by means of a key in the center of the panel, positioned so as not to divert the driver's attention.

In this same module there is the command of the digital air conditioning: just select the desired temperature with the automatic mode activated to continue the trip in comfort, and the cabin has central, lower and upper exits on the windshield and additionally in the door windows, which improves the air distribution and the air conditioning of the cabin and is a differential in adverse conditions, preventing the fogging of the windows.

All the controls on the instrument panel are visible and within easy reach. The same happens with the doors, with the buttons of the electric windows, with a touch system, and of the rear view mirrors, including heating, for cold days.

In addition, the driver's seat stands out for its ergonomics: it comes with standard armrest, integrated headrest, precise adjustments and a seat belt integrated into the seat itself, a fundamental condition to avoid bumps while traveling on uneven or very rough terrain, so that driving is as comfortable as possible.

The suspension in the seat, the shape of the seat and the backrest contribute to a route with less wear on board. In addition, the fabrics bring a series of premium technologies, providing a soft touch, reduced dirt, easy cleaning and quick drying (dry fit), in addition to the use of environmentally friendly materials. And in the seats the news does not stop there: there is also the option of seats in premium synthetic leather, with a special pattern and developed specifically for the Brazilian market.

And at rest time - For comfort at rest, the new Meteor brings one of the largest beds on the market, completely flat, curtains for the bed and for all windows and windshields, with black out system, to guarantee privacy. The fabric of the bed has repellent and anti-bacterial properties, translating into comfort with a soft fabric, pleasant to the touch, easy to clean and which can be removable for washing, all designed for the driver's well-being and hygiene. Under the bed, which can be tilted, there is space for luggage, in addition to the multi-purpose toolboxes, with integrated storage compartments and access from inside the cabin.

The movement inside the cabin and access to the bed is facilitated by the excellent central area, by the height to the ceiling (one of the largest in the category) and with the floor completely flat in this region. The rest area also has a USB port for connecting devices, digital clock, special lighting and to make it more complete, you can count on a retractable multifunctional storage compartment, unique in its category. During the night's sleep, the air conditioner installed on the ceiling allows adjustments by remote control for a pleasant night's sleep. And if you need it, you still have ambient LED lighting. The cabin also optionally offers a refrigerator to complement the attributes of comfort and convenience.