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Welcome aboard: inside the most powerful member of VW Constellation family

September 01 2020
  • The most comfortable cabin in Brazil gets even better

With the largest internal space in the category, the cabin of the Constellation family is already recognized for the comfort on board by customers throughout Brazil. And in the new heavy-duty it got even better: driving position, steering wheel grip, new seats for driver and passenger, instrument panel, storage compartments, new bed and enough space to transit are highlights.

When arriving at the cockpit the driver already has a positive experience: the driver's seat excels in ergonomics, brings support for the standard armrest, integrated headrest, precise adjustments and seat belt integrated into the seat itself, a fundamental condition to avoid jolts during the journey on uneven or very rough terrain, so that driving is as comfortable as possible. The suspension on the seats, the shape of the seat and backrest collaborate for a route with less wear on board.

On the instrument panel, the modular concept stands out, which allows organizing devices such as radio, tachograph and equipment specific to each operation.

The air conditioning system meets the most stringent specifications. Thanks to the superior performance air box, it has a high and fast cooling capacity in the cabin, which is added to the ventilation with intense air flow.

As the truck is often the driver's second home, the moment of rest on board also received attention: the new bed in a higher position and close and easily accessible storage compartments to optimize space, in addition to the storage area under the bed with a 10% increase in volume.

On the outside, it is robust enough to face the roughest terrain. The new model has a greater angle of attack and the bumper is now metallic, which prevents deformation and breakage, preserving the unique design of Constellation models. The headlights also have extra protections, through the front metallic grills incorporated into the model without detracting from the beauty of the design.

The mirrors are retractable and have a damping system for recoil and closing, in case of obstacles along the way and for applications that require constant mirror closing.

High technology in materials - The design of the new Constellation features high technology materials that add sustainability and contribute to reducing the vehicle's weight and also to safety. The cabin structure is one of the highlights: the cabin is reinforced with high-strength steels, which make it safer and more resistant, meeting the most stringent European safety requirements (ECE R29/2 standard).