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100 electric trucks in 2021: Ambev and VW Caminhões e Ônibus close partnership for delivery of the first e-Delivery

October 16 2020

The lot is part of Ambev's plan to have 1,600 VW electric trucks in its partner fleet by 2023.


After two years of testing in the development of a pioneering technology in Latin America, Ambev and VW Caminhões e Ônibus officially signed an agreement this week to deliver the first 100 e-Delivery electric trucks. As of the second half of 2021, vehicles will distribute Ambev's drinks using totally clean energy through the streets of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The agreement is part of the company's commitment to have 1,600 Volkswagen electric trucks in its partner fleet by 2023, one of the largest ads of its kind in the world.

The prototype of the first 100% electric light truck powered by clean energy in Latin America showed excellent results after the e-Delivery traveled 30 thousand kilometers in engineering tests and in real operating conditions in the city of São Paulo. During this period, more than 22 tons of CO² were no longer emitted and 6.5 thousand liters of diesel were saved.

Now, e-Delivery will begin to be produced on a large scale at the VW Caminhões e Ônibus Development and Production Center in Resende (RJ). The electric truck is recharged with 100% energy from clean sources, such as wind, solar and 43% that comes from the vehicle's own regenerative brake system. The plan is for the vehicles to be recharged at one of the 48 solar plants that Ambev is implementing at its Distribution Centers (CDDs) throughout Brazil.

“We proved that new sources of energy through viable and concrete solutions have already become reality with the arrival of e-Delivery, which was tested and approved with excellent results on the streets of São Paulo, one of the largest capitals in the world. This initiative goes down in the history of the global automotive industry, as we have joined forces to make the production of the first electric trucks developed and made in Brazil feasible,” celebrates Roberto Cortes, president and CEO of VW Caminhões e Ônibus.

 In the first year of operation, these 100 trucks together will no longer emit approximately 1,540 tons of CO² into the atmosphere and 583 thousand liters of diesel will be saved.  

"The partnership is a historic milestone for both companies: in addition to being one of the largest agreements in the world, innovation is being developed here in Brazil", comments Rodrigo Figueiredo, vice president of Sustainability and Supplies at Ambev. “And we are open to sharing the technology and the lessons we have learned. If other companies are interested in also having a more sustainable truck fleet, everyone wins, especially the planet and the environment”, he adds.

 Pioneering technology can be shared

 The objective of this partnership is to join forces to enable the use of electric propulsion in the urban distribution of products and create a benchmark in sustainability for the global logistics market, considering the operation of the VW e-Delivery truck and its supply through sustainable energy sources.

 In addition to being the first 100% light electric truck in Latin America with zero CO2 emissions, e-Delivery offers state-of-the-art solutions for green logistics, such as intelligent systems to adjust battery demand according to the operation and to recover energy from the braking. The trucks can reach a range of up to 200 kilometers, depending on the application and the configuration of the vehicle.

 The first hundred units were acquired by Ambev's logistics operators, including a maintenance contract on the same basis as the already known VolksTotal, in addition to monitoring through Volkscare, a brand service structure that combines connectivity, tailored service management, maintenance plans for all needs, 24-hour assistance and a network of dealers strategically distributed throughout the country.