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In the matriarch fleet: VW Meteor trucks are the choice of Apolo Transportes, a company founded and run by women

March 08 2021

The 1960s marked the women's emancipation movement. And also the life of Claudete Colombo Caveagna, then in her 30s: she decided to leave her three young daughters at home to work with her husband José Augusto Caveanha in the transportation company they founded. "He needed someone he could trust to take care of the payments, but I saw that there was so much to organize and so many processes to standardize, that I decided to stay," she says.

 The Apollo Transports, named after the manned space flight that made the first landing on the moon in 1969, took off under Claudete's command. “People were surprised to find a woman running the office. But I never cared: I was always firm and did things the right way. It is necessary to take a stand, without being afraid. That's how we win in business and in life ”, says the matriarch and businesswoman.

 At the age of 85, Claudete built a legacy of female leadership in her company. Widowed in the 1990s, she also prepared her daughters to direct Apolo with her. And even though she is more distant in business, she is the majority shareholder and made a point of visiting the Gaplan dealership, in Mogi Guaçu - SP, to receive the first ten VW Meteor trucks of her fleet, together with her daughters Maria Lucinda and her twins Ana Claudia and Ana Silvia, who close the company's partnership.

 “It wasn't always easy, our first trucks were used and financed. But we have survived the most difficult economic times in the country. Today it is a joy to expand the fleet with news like this ”, she says.

 The purchase of the ten extra-heavy VW Meteor 28,460 is part of the company's expansion, with investment even in times of crisis. “It is an interesting novelty in the market, with good national content. In addition, the Gaplan dealership is proactive, we feel that we are always close to both the engineering and post-sales professionals at VW Caminhões e Ônibus and Banco VW ”, says Alexandre Lealdini, company manager and grandson of Claudete.

 The delivery included technical training for drivers and tailored service. Not by chance, VW and MAN vehicles represent the largest share of the same manufacturer in Apolo's fleet, with representatives of the Constellation and TGX models.

 Apolo Transportes operates on three pillars: transport of dangerous cargo, in tanks, in addition to silos and tippers. The head office is in Mogi Guaçu (SP), and there are two branches, one in Ponta Grossa (PR) and another in Arcos (MG). The vehicles operate throughout Brazil, especially the Southeast, South and Midwest.

 Family legacy

 Alexandre Lealdini, Claudete's grandson, is Ana Claudia's nephew, Apolo's CEO. He arrives with the mission to continue with the legacy, which requires a lot of responsibility.

“I have examples of female leadership that excels in details and in caring for employees, who are like our family members. Our drivers are on the road, taking care of transport safely and representing the company. That is why we have internal award campaigns, with a primary focus on safe driving ”.