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Volkswagen doubles truck and bus exports in the four-month period

May 12 2021

VW Caminhões e Ônibus doubled its exports in the first four-month period of 2021 when compared to the same period last year, jumping from 1,084 to 2,527 units. Although the 2020 bases are low, given that they correspond to the time of the outbreak of the global pandemic, there are relevant highlights in the manufacturer's various markets.

“Each market experiences different reasons for the increase in demand, but in general we can observe a trend of recovery and resumption after such a difficult period as the beginning of 2020", comments Roberto Cortes, president and CEO of VW Caminhões e Ônibus.

Chile was VWCO's international sales leader in the first four months of this year, with 720 sales. The copper ore mining segment and the strength of commodities in that country boosted the demand for trucks, highlighting the VW Constellation 17.280 models, one of the most successful in Chile.

In Uruguay, VWCO reached the historical mark of 100 trucks sold in the same month and consolidated its market leadership, with the VW Constellation 24.250 as the best-selling truck in the country.

In the other Latin American countries, food and beverage distribution boosted sales of the Delivery family, especially the 11.180, VWCO's most exported vehicle in the period. Speaking specifically about Central America, the recent launches of the models in countries such as Guatemala have expanded this account.

In Africa, the highlight are the buses: VWCO participates in the modernization program of public transportation in Angola and maintains the deliveries of the Volksbus 17.210 that are already in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. All units are equipped with Marcopolo BioSafe protection barriers for drivers and conductors, which reduce the possibility of contagion by reducing the exposure of professionals to possible droplets expelled while speaking, coughing or sneezing.